Halo Purely For Pets Liv-a-Littles

Halo Purely For Pets Liv-a-Littles

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Halo Purely For Pets Liv-A-Littles® Protein Treats for Cats & Dogs Whole Chicken Breast Description


  • Protein Treats
  • Marinated Whole Chicken Breast
  • For Dogs and Cats
  • Freeze-Dried NOT Dehydrated
  • #1 Selling Protein Treat
  • Made in USA



WHOLE-Meat No Rendered "Meat Meal"

Freeze-Dried NOT Dehydrated


Why Freeze-Dried?

 Original meat textured is preserved, unlike dehydrating

• Moistening reactivates meat aroma and taste pets love

• Freeze-dried meat maintains more nutrients than dehydrated


WHOLE Meat Makes a Whole Lot of Difference®

For over 30 years, Halo has insisted on creating pet food and treats with WHOLE Meat...never ANY rendered "meat meal." When you treat your pet with the unconditional love of HALO, you always receive that love in return.