Doorbell Camera: all you wanted to know

Home security depends on many factors and objects, among which the front door occupies a special place. Therefore, many prefer metallic armored structures equipped with peephole. But such mechanisms allow you to analyze the outdoor space only if there is a person indoors. A more modern solution is a doorbell camera. These are universal mechanisms that can be selected for any type of door.

 Doorbell cameras have recently begun to be used. This became possible due to the fact that small-sized video systems appeared on the market. A similar design today is supplemented by special memory drives that allow you to save information on a specific type of media.


Systems of this type can perform several functions:

  • Alert. The cameras are connected to various devices, which, in the presence of movement in front of the door, can emit sound or light signals.
  • Photographing and video recording. This action can be performed both automatically and when a certain signal is given by a person (pressing a button, etc.).
  • Saving information or transferring it to remote locations.
  • Organization of covert video surveillance.
  • Work in infrared mode. This allows you to get a high-quality image even in low light.

        Advantages and disadvantages

            Doorbell camera is a unique mechanism that copes with many tasks:

  • The camera produces a much better image than a standard multi-lens peephole.
  • The viewing angle of such systems can reach 180 degrees, which allows you to see people standing parallel to the wall. This affects the security of your home, as you can fully control the site in front of the door.
  • Information from the camera is stored on disk, which allows you to analyze all the actions that took place near the door during the day.
  • Video surveillance of this type can be supplemented by special transmitters, which make it possible to output the image received from the camera to a mobile phone or computer. You don’t have to get up to see who is behind the door.
  • Easy installation. You can connect the doorbell camera even without any experience, just following the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • The price for these devices is much lower than for a full-fledged video intercom with a door opening control system.

            But cameras of this type have several significant disadvantages:

  • Some wireless models are quite difficult to install, which requires the involvement of experienced professionals.
  • To hide the image from the outside, you can simply close the doorbell camera with your hand, plasticine or gum.

How to choose a doorbell camera?

            When buying a doorbell camera, you should pay attention to such characteristicsat Yelpmart

            Type of camera and its resolution. The first parameter is responsible for the number of colors, while the quality of the image depends on the second.

            Connection method. It is important to pay attention to the voltage level with which the doorbell camera can operate. Often, all models are equipped with special power supplies.

            Functional characteristics. It is important to look not only at the size of the case but also at the amount of memory.



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