Best hairstyles for 2020

If you are among the myriads of people looking for the best hairdos to rock in 2020, these hairstyles will make you _ pun intended _ are nothing to be compared with the rest. Well done kinky curly haircuts, Tapered dip-dyed ends, Adorned puffs and Embellished Natural curly Fauxhawk are what suits you best right now. These days more and more people are starting to uphold their wild side with texture in all its wavy, curly, kinky or even coiled state, and that is what these hairstyles embrace. Additionally, with the global pandemic in play, these trendy hairstyles can last for a couple of days, are easy to do, maintain, never gets out of style not forgetting how classy and sassy you look in them. The natural, authentic texture gives you a unique and personalized look the reason why the listed elegant hairstyles are simply the best, and what you need.

Desire to get the best hairstyle in just a few? Then these are the perfect and classy hairstyles to uphold.

  • kinky curly haircuts
  • Adorned puffs
  • Tapered dip-dyed ends
  • Embellished Natural curly
  • Tapered dip-dyed ends

Tapered dip-dyed ends are perfect for kinky or coiled hair. This stylish hairstyle exposes the beautiful natural curls on the top with a gradual diminution of thickness, tapering down to the closer crop around the lobes and the nake. Being dip-dyed ends as the name suggests, it is achieved by applying the hair dye only to the end of the hair and nowhere else.  The most intriguing fact about the hair is that the hair dye does not necessarily need to be permanent. You can go with hair wax, hair chalk or even semi-permanent hair tinting and it is all spectacular.

  • Embellished Natural curly Fauxhawk

Embellished Natural curly fauxhawk grants the flexibility you’ve been hungry for. Notably, the latest classy look is a natural hairstyle for curls. It is easy to do hairstyle whereby instead of cutting short the sides hair, the sides are swept up and pinned under top sections to give the appearance of a Mohawk. This hairdo gives you the flexibility to change your look accordingly. Embellishments make the hairstyle classier and provide the elegant look everyone yarns for. While pinning, you might need to add some metallic yarns or put some silver cuffs, whatever looks great on you and you will love it. To adorn the beautiful hairstyle by adding hair jewellery gives more insight into your style and personality, will provide you with a unique and personalized look. 

  • Adorned Afro puffs

Afro puffs on their own are spectacular; however, I do appreciate much the festooned puffs as they give you a chance to dress the afro puffs a little bit. It is easy to do hairstyle and still highly fashionable. All you have to do is add some spangles to the original afro puffs or tie with a showy and beautiful scarf around each puff. This hairdo is excellent as it gives you a chance to be creative. Just use your creativity to dress the puffs and make them stand out.

  • Kinky curly haircuts

Kinky curly haircuts are one of the hairstyles that never gets out of style. Now that the curl sponge gloves are everywhere, we expect that Kinky curly haircuts will be one of the most preferred hairdos in 2020. The holes in the curling gloves, allows you to create the ideal, tight and neat coils that are evenly spread across the head. Kinky curly haircuts are easy to do and time-saving but not limited to these.

  • Natural hairstyles are becoming the song of the day, and with that trend, comes a wide range and variety of both short and long natural hairstyles that are fascinating, flirty, spunky and sassy to wear.

 The hairstyles have numerous advantages, but like any other hairdo, they have multiple drawbacks as well.

  • Pros
  • Versatility

Most people believe that natural hairdos are limiting in terms of styling options, but that's not the case. The hairstyles are versatile as the hair grows there are more and classy hairstyles with each milestone. For instance, you can opt to wash and go, keep a sizeable afro, braid and tie an adorned ban among myriads of other ways to do natural hairstyles.

  • Cost-effective

With natural hair, beauty is assured, and still, you can save money. It is important to note that relaxers and weaves don't come cheaply. However, with natural hair, you don't have to worry about the cost, with the right natural hair products and proper maintenance, the hairdos are what you need.

When it comes to beauty, all well-done hairdos are beautiful. However, there is something about well-done natural hairstyles. Their beauty glows dissimilarly.

  • Healthier hair

Natural hairstyles do not necessitate chemicals and relaxers that tamper with the authentic hair compositions and tamper with the scalp. Some health complications are alleged to be associated with the use of the chemicals. With the natural hairdos however you need not worry about that.

  • Individuality

One of the most amazing benefits of choosing one of the proposed hairstyles is the individuality of natural hairstyles. Once your hair starts to grow out, it takes a different design of the curls distinct from others. These hairstyles, as a result, bring out a unique and individualized look.

  • Ease of styling

Numerous natural hairstyles are convenient and solve the dilemma of how should I do my hair. The hairstyles are easy to style. For instance the curly kinky haircuts you only need to use the curly sponge glove to rub the hair bringing out neat curls.

  • Cons
  • Shrinkage

Shrinkage is a challenge while doing natural hairstyles. It is frustrating how natural hair shrinks after taking a shower or even the rain. You can twist, stretch and manipulate, but the sure thing is it cannot get back to the actual size unless straightened.

Final verdict

Taking all the insights into account, you would be well advised to adopt the listed hairstyles. After keen scrutiny of both the shortcomings and benefits of the natural hairstyles, it is clear that the pros outweigh the cons. As a result, natural hairdos are a great choice and merely the best.

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